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Emma Reed

Self-taught web developer based in Santa Fe, NM

Recent Projects

Sugar & Rye Galveston

Built in pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this was the initial website for Sugar & Rye Coastal Kitchen & Cocktail Lounge in Galveston, TX during their first few years of business. This site is mobile responsive and search engine optimized with a custom menu component.

Pack-N-Go React App

This is my first dynamic React app. It is a packing list for travel that accepts user input items and appends them to the page with an option to check complete or delete. Progress stats are displayed at the bottom.

Jammming React App (Repo)

A React app that uses the Spotify API to run a functional playlist building app. User can search for songs/artists and create custom playlists that will push to their actual Spotify profile.

My Website in React JS (Repo)

Working on re-writing this website in React! Stay tuned for stateful components 👀

Check out my GitHub for more projects!

About Emma

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Emma is an LSU music grad originally from Houston, TX who learned front-end web development during the COVID pandemic.

In Spring 2016, Emma received a Bachelor of Arts in music with a minor emphasis in Chinese language and culture studies. She bartended and painted watercolors for some years after graduating from LSU and moving back to the Houston area.

Early spring of 2020, Emma moved to Santa Fe and was a bartender at La Fonda on the Plaza during the pandemic while learning graphic design and web development during lay-off periods. Emma has been a web developer for a local admin company since November 2021. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to/playing music, painting, and drinking iced lattes.


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